Tempe minister charged with sexual conduct with minor

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TEMPE - His job was to be a spiritual leader for children, but now a Valley youth minister is behind bars for allegedly abusing a child.


Youth minister accused of sex with teen - A Valley man who worked with children at a Tempe church is accused of having sex with a young girl.

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That minister is charged with sexual conduct with a minor.

Police say Joshua O'Bannion, 25, had sex with a 14-year-old girl from his church on three separate occasions.

Police were tipped off after the victim wrote about losing her virginity on Facebook.

That led them to arrest O'Bannion, an intern at Christ Life Church in Tempe where the girl attended services.

O'Bannion allegedly made the 14-year-old sneak out of her house so he could have sex with her in his car.

Police had the victim call O'Bannion claiming he got her pregnant and he allegedly suggested she get an abortion.

Investigators say O'Bannion denied the relationship and only said that to get her off the phone.

O'Bannion faces nearly a dozen charges including sexual abuse.