Suspected drunk driver hits, kills man in wheelchair

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PHOENIX -- A man is a wheelchair is dead after being hit by a suspected drunk driver while crossing the street.

It happened Saturday night near 29th Street and Indian School Road.

A former EMT reportedly saw the victim, identified as Christopher Emigh, fly into the air and hit a light pole after the car struck him.

The witness rushed over to help.

"I immediately started calling 911 and tried to keep everybody back," said David Stuckey. "The car was actually in a spin when I was on my way over. It stopped. Its headlights were focused on the body, and then it maneuvered around all the debris ... and took off eastbound."

Emigh, 46, died on the scene.

Police arrested the suspect a short time later.

Brandon Lee, 27, is facing several charges, including aggravated DUI and leaving the scene of a fatal accident.