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Since I always write about what works for us gals when it comes to looking and feeling good, I decided to include the guys this time. I got the idea while listening to some of the dads on my son's hockey team. As they discussed their favorite sunscreen, it occurred to me that even though men tend to be low maintenance when it comes to beauty, they do have their own issues.

A special thanks to my gal pal panel who shared their favorite guy's personal care tools. And I have to laugh because some of the women I checked with couldn't come up with anything more than a toothbrush or nose hair clippers! However, there were others with some surprising solutions for the beauty issues that men deal with. So, for us ladies who shop for and support the man in our life, read below to see if there is a trusty tool that your man will use. And I'm not just talking about husbands here, as my son had some solid suggestions that surprised me as well!

His Beauty Issues and Beauty Product Solutions

His Beauty Issue: Won't wear sunscreen
Try This Beauty Product: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock
One of our hockey Dads rides a Harley and doesn't have a lot of hair on top, but for years he didn't apply sunscreen on his head when out riding. Why not? Because he didn't like the oily and shiny residue it left on his hands and on his head. When he found one he liked, he finally started using sunscreen. His pick is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 70 with Helioplex. He likes this particular one because it has a light scent and it absorbs very quickly without leaving a shine behind.

His Beauty Issue: Needs quick & easy morning routine
Try This Beauty Product: Shampoo Soap Bar

For the man who wants a quick shower so he can get out the door in an instant, my hair stylist Angelic has found the perfect product. It is called TiGi Haircare Rockaholic Shampoo Bar and it is a multi-tasking bar of soap that does it all. First your man can lather up his body and then use the same bar to shampoo. Ang recommends it not only for the bar's ease, but also for the beneficial ingredients that include sage leaf, sandalwood and henna. My mornings of hunting down a bar of soap, shampoo and conditioner for my husband are over. Just throw him this one bar of soap. As a multi-tasking Mom, I love this idea! Buy this for only $10 at Backstage Salon & Spa located at McClintock & Guadalupe next to Trader Joe's in the Tempe.

His Beauty Issue: Aftershave sting
Try This Beauty Product: A Unisex Product By DDF

Unisex products are a great idea in this economy because you can share one bottle with your beau. In our household, I like a product called DDF Aloe Toning Complex. I like this as a quick mister that moisturizes my face plus my husband can use it right after a shave to calm distressed skin. Another bonus is that this brand is alcohol-free and contains an ingredient called sodium PCA, which is a natural moisturizing factor found in healthy skin. DDF is sold at Ulta Beauty Supply stores and at

His Beauty Issue: Back acne
Try This Beauty Product: Skin Diver Active Charcoal Body Scrub

One of my friends told me that her husband loves the Origins line for male beauty stuff. So, I checked it out and I found some unique items for guys. One issue that I am guessing a lot of men deal with is what the Origins website calls bacne or that annoying acne that men get on their backs. To treat this common male issue, the company sells a product called Skin Diver Active Charcoal Body Scrub. Guys are instructed to use it 2 to 3 times a week. Ingredients like dead sea salts and organic brown sugar exfoliate, while the added clove and Wintergreen help to deodorize. Wheat germ and olive oils are also included to moisturize. So, it is all there packaged in one manly bottle with charcoal in the name. Masculine for the manly man! The Charcoal body scrub sells for $19.50 at

His Beauty Issue: Greasy Hair from Gel
Try This Beauty Product: American Crew Line

When it comes to a good shampoo and hair gel, my neighbor's husband swears by the American Crew brand. He especially likes the styling gel because it is one of the few finishing products that doesn't leave his hair greasy. He recommends the brand's light hair gel and mint shampoo which both sell for under $13 a container. American Crew is sold in grocery and drug stores.

His Beauty Issue: Rough Man Hands
Try This Beauty Product: Mary Kay Body Scrub

One of my gal pals told me that her favorite Mary Kay body scrub has become the solution to her hubby's rough hands. A lot of men end up with super dry hands, especially if they work outside or spend a lot of time doing yard work. Her guy applies the body scrub to his hands and then finishes with a nice lotion. Kudos to him for trying his wife's product because now they can share the scrub and then enjoy holding hands afterwards! I bought my jar for $15 from Mary Kay consultant Rachel Edgar. She can be reached at 602-448-6563.

His Beauty Issue: Post-Play Sports Stink
Try This Beauty Product: Old Spice Body Spray

To my surprise, there was one male in my life that I didn't expect to hear from on this topic and he gave me a great idea! My soon to be 12-year-old son shared a hockey team tip with me. To mask that terrible post-game smell that the boys sport, they all use Old Spice Pure Sport Body Spray. Believe me, since my entire family rides home from the games together with our boy, we are all thankful for his new favorite product!

His Beauty Issue: All Natural Anti-Product Guy
Try This Beauty Product: Olive Oil

I had to ask professional/celebrity makeup artist Karen Hall if she had any beauty tips for her man. They have been happily married for over 40 years and neither one of them look a day over 35! His favorite is my favorite because you probably already have some of this in your pantry. After her hubby shaves, which Karen says takes care of a man's exfoliating needs, he washes his face with a little olive oil to moisturize. Love that and he is proof that this all natural remedy has kept him looking youthful!

His Beauty Issue: Gunk Build-Up in His Hair
Try This Beauty Product: Axe Intense De-Glue Shampoo + Scrub

Another man tip from my tween son who is new to the personal care items world for men and is very interested. My junior high boy has taken an interest in his appearance this year, so he has added gel to my grocery list. However, he doesn't like the gunk the hair products leave behind. And wearing his hockey helmet makes matters worse. So, his pick for a good shampoo that gets the junk out is Axe Intense De-Glue Shampoo + Scrub. The product's name says it all and my son tells me that the product keeps its promise. We buy our bottle at the drug store for around five bucks.

By the way, who says that Beauty & Life on a Budget is just for the gals? And what woman doesn't appreciate a man who wants to look good for his girl? But I will admit that I am envious of a man's low maintenance beauty routine. My son summed it up best when he told his little sister that he was glad that he will grow up to be a man because women have way more to do when it comes to getting ready every morning! Kudos to the guys who do take the time to find a trusty tool that keeps them feeling and looking good!

By the way, for a great unisex item that can be shared by both men and women, check out the Corinne McCormack line of reader glasses. Black, brown and red shades are worn well by both the guys and the gals. The line is sold at fine department stores like Bloomingdales' and at