Ex-wife found guilty in art dealer's murder

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PHOENIX -- A woman was found guilty of murdering her ex-husband nearly five years ago.

Valley art dealer Jay Orbin was found dismembered in the desert in October 2004.

On Monday afternoon, a jury found his ex-wife, Marjorie Orbin, guilty of first-degree murder, theft and fraudulent schemes.

Jay and Marjorie Orbin married in 1995. They divorced shortly thereafter but continued to live together for their son.

According to prosecutors, shortly after Jay returned from a business trip in September 2004, Marjorie killed him, dismembered his body using an electric jigsaw, put the remains in plastic containers and dumped one in the desert.

According to prosecutors, Orbin withdrew more than $200,000 from her ex-husband's bank account during the time they believe he was murdered.

Prosecutor Noel Levy said during his opening statements, "She said she hated him. She wanted him dead."

He also told the jury that is was money that drove Orbin to commit murder.

He said, "There was a whole lot of insurance and other property and if he was dead, she would have it made for life."