Suspect allegedly fondles victim in woods, attacks man

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FLAGSTAFF - A man was arrested after being accused of fondling and attacking a woman.

A 911 call was placed on September 4 from a cell phone reporting there may have been a sexual assault in a wooded area next to a parking lot in the Fort Tuthill-area.

The 21-year-old victim told deputies she went to her car from the fairgrounds. When she intended to go back to the fairgrounds she cut across a forest field where the suspect, identified as 27-year-old Marco Antonio Mora, approached her and told her not to scream. The victim also says the suspect grabbed her breast and tried to take her car keys.

The victim was able to scream and people rushed to her defense while the suspect took off.

A second 911 call was placed at around the same time reporting a crime also in the Fort Tuthill-area that involved a suspect with a similar description as the incident before.

Deputies talked to a 22-year-old man who said Mora approached him in his car and tried to hit him after asking for the time.

An Arizona Department of Public Safety officer later saw the suspect exit the Pic and Run convenience store. He caught up with him and the suspect tried to grab the officer's gun.

Additional officers were called and were able to subdue the suspect and take him into custody. Mora faces attempted robbery charges, along with sexual abuse and aggravated assault among others.