Chandler man arrested for stealing identity of Marlins pitcher

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PHOENIX -- A man stopped for having a poorly inflated tire was arrested for stealing the identity of a Florida Marlins pitcher.

Shortly before 7 a.m. Thursday, an Arizona Department of Public Safety officer stopped a pickup truck pulling a trailer northbound on State Route 51 in Phoenix for having a poorly inflated right rear tire.

The driver attempted to identify himself with a fictitious Puerto Rican driver's license under the name of Enrique Calero Carrion, which is the full name of Marlins relief pitcher "Kiko" Calero.

After requesting additional identification, the driver presented a Social Security card. According to DPS, this document also appeared to be forged.

Fingerprint confirmation and a criminal history check identified the driver as Oscar Corral. He was arrested for possession of forged documents.

An inquiry of the Social Security number indicated it belonged to Carrion during his employment by the Oakland Athletics last year.

According to DPS, it is suspected that Calero was the possible victim of undetected identity theft.

Corral, who is a Mexican National living in Chandler, was booked into the Maricopa County Jail. He is charged with taking the identity of another, two counts of possession of forged instruments, two counts of offering forged instruments, and false reporting to a law enforcement officer.