Beauty binds and beauty tips

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I love writing this column because I usually discover some unique solutions to life's little annoyances.? As I discover these interesting ideas, I often put them in a box to save for future articles.? Since I have collected quite a few recently, I decided to put them all together in today's column.? Take a look at my list below to see if there is a beauty bind buster that will make your life easier.?

Rachel Harris

Beauty binds and beauty tips - I love writing this column because I usually discover some unique solutions to life's little annoyances.

Problem: From a busy day to a dinner date, but you forgot your makeup bag.

Solution:? From celebrity and professional makeup artist Karen Hall - - she says to take your pink lipstick and apply a little to your cheekbones, forehead and chin. Next, rub it in for an instant blush and bronzer.? So be sure to always keep a lipstick on hand in case you forget your makeup bag.? This really works!

Problem: Your lip liner leaves a line and then your lipstick runs over that line!

Solution:?? Another great trick from Karen Hall and this is one that I do every time I put on my lips.? Start by using a neutral liner and fill in the lips rather than just lining the lips.? Then apply lipstick.? Last, apply lip gloss, but only a little dab in the center. ?Following these steps prevent the dreaded lip color line while keeping your shade from bleeding outside of your lips. ?

Problem: Your mascara wand hits your lid instead of your lash!

Solution: One of my favorite product finds, a handy little makeup eraser by Revlon corrects makeup mistakes in an instant.? I found mine for $4 at Walgreens.

Problem: You want to get fit, but can no longer afford gym fees.

Solution: I have been sweating for free with cable television workouts and I'm not at the mercy of a channel schedule either.? I use Cox Cable's On Demand option.? Where I live, On Demand is channel 1.? Under the menu, simply select FreeZone.?? Then choose Health & Fitness and from there you will find a ton of different fitness classes like a 60 minute kickboxing workout or before bed yoga plus many others.? Just about every kind of exercise program is offered for free and can be selected any time of the day or night.? No more excuses to skip the health club because the huge variety of fitness options turns your home into a free gym. ??


Problem: Post lunch salad in your teeth with no sink or tooth paste in sight!

Solution: Under the why didn't I invent this category... Colgate gives us Wisp Mini-Brush (and I mean mini!) with a freshening bead that takes the place of toothpaste.? This little green wand enables you to brush your teeth on the go with no water or rinsing necessary.

Problem: Your bra comes out of the dryer stretched and snagged with other items.

Solution: Several fashion designers have told me to never put bras in a dryer and to wash them in a mesh wash bag.? Doing this ensures that your bras retain their shape and avoid being damaged in the laundry cycle.? This also means that your purchase will last longer, especially since bras are garments that we wear every day.? I found my mesh bag at Nordstrom's for $11.50.

Problem: You forgot to apply sunscreen even though you know better.

Solution: Keep Burt's Bees Aloe & Linden Flower After Sun Soother on hand because chances are someone in your family is going to come home sunburned again.? This trusty tube of the good stuff instantly hydrates and soothes with ingredients that include aloe extract to heal, Linden extract to neutralize skin from harmful free radicals and coconut oil to retain moisture. Sprouts Farmers Market sells this soother and many other Burt's Bees products. It is a staple in my first aid kit!

Problem: You don't want panty lines, but you are unsure about trying a thong.

Solution: Commando invisible girl short underwear is more like a boy short versus a thong and promises that it will look and feel like you are going commando. ?Try a pair at

Problem:? A flawless face in the morning, but later your face shows dry spots.

Solution:? Just spray and go with DDF Aloe Toning Complex. And not only does this product fix the dryness, but it is also alcohol and fragrance free.? For sale at

Problem: Need polished nails, but don't have 10 minutes to wait for them to dry.

Solution:? I had to put this one to the test because it seemed too good to be true.? Make a bowl of very cold water and as soon as you paint your nails, submerge your hands in water for three minutes.? What do you know, it worked!? And I didn't have any nicks or smudges either!

So, that does it for my mish mash of beauty solutions because sometimes a girl has just got to share a good tip.? Hope some of these help you the next time you find yourself in a beauty bind!