Man on hunger strike to keep city away from business

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX - A Valley man is staging a hunger strike to keep the City of Phoenix from taking his business.
Nevertheless, the city says his actions have cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.
The dispute involves the often-emotional issue of re-locating a business in the name of progress as the city gets ready to construct more light rail tracks.
This dispute between the owner of this business and the City of Phoenix boils down to fairness. Seamus King says the city has been unfair in its negotiations to buy his land while a city spokesperson says it has been more than fair and, to date, this dispute has cost you, the taxpayer, $400,000.
Also, King says the city has not put one offer on the table while the city spokesperson says they have offered the business owner up to $200,000.