Mesa woman unhappy with remodeling job

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

MESA -- A Mesa woman says she needs a little help getting a company to finish the remodeling job she hired them to do.

"On the way home from Wal-Mart, someone turned in front of my son and we crashed," Christine Sellers said.

A severe car accident a few years ago left Sellers with life-changing injuries.

"They said traumatic brain injury," she said.

From speaking to walking, things are a little slower for Sellers, but despite her injuries she was determined to move forward and that's exactly what she did when she purchased her own home.

"I wanted it to be open and homey and comfortable to where, I have three children, I want them always to come home," Sellers said.

The home she bought was a foreclosure and it not only needed some work, but it also needed some remodeling to accommodate her disabilities.

So, Sellers hired Skill Construction and Development, a licensed company, to remodel and add on to her home.

"A bathroom to meet my disabilities and an extension here to give us more area and a laundry room," she said.

Before work began, Skill Construction and Development demanded $34,000 in advance -- money she gave them.

"I gave him a $1,000 check and a cashier's check for $32,800, that's before they started," she said.

Sellers says Skill Construction started adding on a room and a bathroom just like she wanted, but she claims they abandoned the job before it was completed and left her with a big mess.

"They have left me with a tub in my garage, unsealed grout in my shower," she said. "I have electric that doesn't work."

Sellers says she and her son did what they could to further the project on their own.

3 On Your Side contacted Skill Construction and Development, which is currently out of business. One of the managing partners we got a hold of claimed they never left Seller's job unfinished and even demanded to meet 3 On Your Side at her house to prove it.

Rick Dorris acknowledges the company failed to put in Sellers' tub, but as far as the rest of the $35,000 project, he says it looks pretty good to him and he can't believe 3 On Your Side ever got involved.

But what about the exposed wiring and Sellers' belief that this just doesn't look or feel like a completed $35,000 job?

Dorris says it's not a finished job because according to the contract he was only supposed to do what's called a rough-in.

"It was just a rough-in job, that's it," Dorris said.

But for nearly $35,000, Sellers said she had no idea this is all it would get her.

"I don't know how to describe how horrible it feels to have somebody do that to you when you have no way of fixing it afterwards," she said.

Sellers says she would love to finish her house but says she's wiped out. In the meantime, she has filed a complaint with the Registrar of Contractors.