Answering your home foreclosure questions

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Take Charge America will be in studio answering your questions via phone, 623-266-6195 or online, just click in the chat forum below.

Take Charge American suggests:

1. At First sign of danger

1. At first sign of danger, call for help.? Don't wait.

2. Who should you call?? Your lender and/or go to list of HUD accredited agencies.


3. Know what your options are.

4. If you still have income, there is a good chance you can stay in your house.

5. Don't pay for help!

For more information you can visit .

They have an upcoming Foreclosure Prevention Seminar on Saturday September 19 at Take Charge America. The event runs from 9:00AM-Noon at 20620 N 19th Avenue Phoenix, North of loop 101 & 19th Avenue. For more information call (623) 266-6195.