Mesa man wants to work out contract dispute with gym

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MESA -- A Mesa man claims his fitness center is not living up to the contract he signed so he contacted 3 On Your Side for some help.

The contract is between a guy named Steve Shifflett and Mountainside Fitness.

Shifflett claims the contract says one thing, but Mountainside Fitness says the contract spells out something totally different.

Like a lot of folks, Shifflett does what he can to stay in shape.

"You actually get a good feeling about yourself when you get done exercising," Shifflett said.

That's exactly why Shifflett and his wife joined Mountainside Fitness 12 months ago.

"We spent some time, we reviewed their facility and talked with the folks to see what they had to offer," Shifflett said. "We compared them to other facilities."

Shifflett says he and his wife joined Mountainside Fitness because of the deal that was offered.

According to the contract they signed, Shifflett and his wife could join for a total of $367 for both of them.

Plus, Shifflett says MountainsideFitness threw in a great renewal if they signed.

"Another thing that swayed our decision was that we could renew at the end of that term at the same rate we were already on," Shifflett said.

And Shifflett says his contract verifies that in black and white.

"Member may renew the membership at current rate providing it is paid within 30 days of the annual expiration date," Shifflett read from the contract.

But when Shifflett and his wife tried to renew at his current rate of $367 a year, he says Mountainside Fitness said that they couldn't honor that low price anymore.

"As a matter of principle, it was a contract that was very clear," Shifflett said.

Mountainside Fitness tells 3 On Your Side that the couple's memberships were a buy one get one free promotion and the promotion is not renewable.

But Shifflett says the contract doesn't say anything about a promotion. It just says he and his wife can renew at their current rate, which is $367.

In a statement to 3 On Your Side, the facility's CEO says, "I understand the word 'current' can be subjective. 'Current' can mean the rate at the time of sign up or the 'current rate' at the time of renewal."

The facility maintains the current rate is almost double what Shifflett was paying.

Shifflett says he's interested in renewing his membership, but not at the facility's "current" higher rate.

"Well, I felt that I have been betrayed," Shifflett said. "It was a valid contract and they made an offer to my wife and I and many other people that had signed the same contract."

The CEO for Mountainside Fitness said to avoid further confusion, he has eliminated the word "current" from the contract.

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