Mom, son injured in parasailing accident at Lake Powell

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GLEN CANYON NATIONAL RECREATION AREA, Utah -- The National Park Service says a mother and son were injured in a parasailing accident at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

The park service says a 42-year-old woman suffered severe head injuries Monday at Lake Powell near the mouth of the San Juan River. She was flown by helicopter to Flagstaff, Ariz. Her 17-year-old son was injured and taken by ranger patrol boat to Page, Ariz.

Authorities found that the son was trying to take off from a ledge 10 feet above the water line. Others were observing, including his mother.

The mother got tangled up in the sail as the boat pulled forward. She was dragged a short distance before being dropped on her head along the shore. The son hit the ledge several times before being dragged into the water.

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