UPDATE: Student pilot killed in mid-air crash over Coolidge

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PHOENIX -- Two planes involved in a mid-air collision over Coolidge Wednesday were flown by student pilots.


Witness talks about mid-air collision - azfamily.com's Mike Watkiss talks to Coolidge man about the mid-air collision of two small planes.

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The collision sent one plane crashing to the ground and the other was able to make a hard landing in a field.

A witness says he saw that the tail had come off the plane and the aircraft was spinning. It then crashed, sparking a small fire.

One of the people on board the single-engine Cessna 150 who either was ejected or jumped out was killed.

Officials said the victim was a student pilot from China who was training to fly commercial planes.

Another student on board was airlifted to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The pilot of the other plane, a Piper Cherokee, landed the plane in a field about two miles away from where the Cessna crashed. Neither the student nor the instructor on board was injured, even though the plane fell thousands of feet before crashing.

It's unclear who's at fault, but the FAA is investigating.