Charter school parents worried about asbestos

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PHOENIX -- A charter school was fined two years ago for having asbestos, but it's still there and parents are worried.


Charter school parents worried about Asbestos -'s Ryan O'Donnell reports a charter school was fined two years ago for having Asbestos but the school is still there. Now parents are worried.

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"Asbestos is something that can affect your health for the rest of your life," said Pete Salinas, whose son goes to North Pointe Preparatory.

Judy Torres, whose son also attends the school at 43rd and Peoria avenues, was surprised to hear about the asbestos.

"This is my first year having my son here, yeah, that's good to know," Torres said.

Two years ago, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency discovered asbestos at North Pointe Preparatory in Phoenix. The agency also discovered the school didn't have a mandatory management plan that deals with asbestos and the school was fined.

Since then, the plan has been created, but the asbestos still exists.

"If it were dangerous, I would absolutely remove it," said Jody Johnson, Pointe Schools superintendent.

Johnson said there are two kinds of asbestos-containing materials. Friable can be easily broken up and inhaled. It's the kind you get sick from. Non-friable is the complete opposite and considered safe.

"If we had friable asbestos, I would absolutely remove it immediately," Johnson said. "What we have at the prep is non-friable asbestos. It's in the caulking of some windows in one of the buildings. It can't be breathed in. It's not dangerous."

Good asbestos or bad, Salinas would rather see it all gone.

"I will let the principal know about my concern," Salinas said.

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