Dream honeymoon turns into nightmare

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PHOENIX -- We like helping out our military men and women and this time it all has to do with a U.S. Marine named Cory Becker.



Becker and his wife, Kayleigh, thought they were getting a heck of a deal on a honeymoon, but they say that deal turned out to be no deal at all.

Being a Marine, Cory has spent a lot of time overseas. But now that he's home, he knew it was time to get certain things done like getting married.

"I proposed to her the first weekend I got home," Cory said.

"Finally, finally we get to start our life because we waited a long time," Kayleigh said.

As far as their honeymoon was concerned, Kayleigh and Cory decided to go with a company called Diamond Resorts International, which offered what they thought was an incredible deal.

"It was supposed to be for $1,000 anywhere we wanted to go, seven days six nights," Cory said. "It sounded like too good of an idea to pass up."

Diamond Resorts international even offered a vacation to the Caribbean and, ironically, that's exactly where Kayleigh and Cory wanted to go for their honeymoon.

"We had our hearts set on the Caribbean," Kayleigh said.

"We planned our whole wedding around this package," Cory said.

Kayleigh and Cory signed up and made monthly installments until they paid $850 of that $1,000 bill.

But then they got bad news.

"Three months after that, we were contacted by Diamond Resorts and they said that the St. Maarten location was no longer available," Cory said.

St. Maarten is the only reason the couple even signed up, but if it was no longer available, Cory and Kayleigh just wanted their money back.

"So I said we will cut our losses, refund the money," Cory said.

But instead of getting their money they say they're getting harassed by a collection service demanding the rest of the money.

"Now they've been sending us delinquency notices for the remainder of the balance," Cory said.

The good news is Kayleigh and Cory did get married, but they never did get their dream honeymoon or their money back.

"This is the one thing that sticks out in my mind from that special day is the fact that we were so excited to have a honeymoon and we couldn't go," Kayleigh said.

3 On Your Side contacted Diamond Resorts International, which immediately looked into the issue.

They concluded they will refund the couple all $850 in payments including interest, stop the collection service from pursuing the issue any further, and for their troubles, Diamond Resorts International will offer a full week completely free to where Cory and Kayleigh wanted to go the whole time, the Caribbean.

The newlywed couple are thrilled and say they owe it all to 3 On Your Side.

Diamond Resorts International never did explain exactly why there was a problem, but at this point, a big hat's off to the company for stepping up and rectifying it so quickly and going above and beyond with that free trip for the Beckers.