Couple target of vandals with hate message

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PHOENIX (AP) -- A black Fountain Hills couple are the target of vandals who left behind a spray painted message of hate.


MCSO offers $5K for info on hate crime -'s Frank Camacho reports that for the second time this summer, vandals have spray painted hateful messages on cars outside homes in Fountain Hills.

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Mike and Michele Jaber said they found a swastika, "KKK" and sexual images painted on the windows of two vehicles Sunday.

Vandals wrote on the passenger's side window of the Jabers' Ford Bronco.

A Cadillac Escalade rented by a visiting friend was tagged as it sat near the curb.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office is investigating.

They say it's the second incident in Fountain Hills in which someone left behind a racist message.

Jaber said she doesn't feel welcome in Fountain Hills, but doesn't plan to give in to vandals.

Sheriff's investigators think kids with too much time on their hands are responsible for the vandalism.