Man burned badly when a propane tank on his bbq exploded

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GILBERT - A propane tank explodes sending a Valley man, to the hospital.

Scary situation

Man injured in propane explosion - Man injured in propane explosion, recovering in the hospital from bbq explosion.

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A Gilbert man was burned by his bar-b-que over much of his body.

Paramedics carried the victim on a stretcher to a waiting medical helicopter.

Fire officials say he wasn't bbqing, but wind from last night's storm knocked his bbq over.

He was cleaning it up, when he noticed a hose leaking.

The 44-year-old man seemed alert, talking to the medics as they buckled him into the chopper.

Fire fighters say he has burns on his arms, neck, and face from the explosion behind his home.

As the chopper took off from a field near the man's home

Fire-fighters took the opportunity to remind the public heading into a holiday weekend to check bar-b-que for cracked gas lines.