All About Steve: These boots were made for stalking

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All About Steve gets 3 (not so fresh) Red Vines across and down for some laughs

Any time a movie relies on a wacky wardrobe, you just know there's going to be rough going ahead. Such is the case with Sandra Bullock's latest rom-com (minus a good deal of both rom and com) " ."

This time around Bullock plays a crossword puzzle writer, with too much information stored in her noggin and a relentless penchant for spewing that information to anyone and everyone non-stop. When her parents set her up on a blind date she grudgingly consents until she sets eyes on the handsome TV cameraman, Steve, (Bradley Cooper) and totally flips her lid for the dude. I mean like crazy flip! Before you can say 'shiny red go-go boots' she's desperately trying to knock boots with the guy and takes to stalking him with a vengeance.

It's not to say that there aren't some laughs. There are but most of them are due to the scene stealing antics of Thomas Haden Church as a pompous TV news reporter. We get treated to his 'talent' on the scene of various breaking news stories when Bullock's character, Mary, follows his hapless cameraman Steve from story to story. Eventually she becomes the story but that's how we get to the schmaltzy message at the end of the story.

Bullock remains charming but all her charms cannot save this movie from being anything more than movie of the week fare. Judging by the list of films she has lined up, she appears to be on a frantic mission to get in as much cinema face time playing a single gal as her pretty but aging face will allow. Too bad they can't all be as funny or entertaining as her earlier release this year, "The Proposal". In fact, if you haven't seen that movie, I propose you forgo "All About Steve" and see that instead. You won't be disappointed.

LADIES ROOM LOWDOWN: Thomas Hayden Church and all the scenes involving live, breaking news coverage were the highlights of this movie. But even that made me yearn for an "Anchorman" sequel all the more.

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