Airline ordeal left a woman out hundreds of dollars

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PHOENIX - An overseas trip to see her family turned into an ordeal at the airport for one Valley school teacher. After months fighting with the airline, she called 3 On Your Side for help.

Jeanne Colasanti went to Malaysia to visit her grandkids, it was a wonderful trip, until it was time to come home.?

Colasanti's grandchildren used to live right down the street from her in Mesa, that is, until her son and his wife took teaching jobs in Kaula Lumpor, Malaysia.

Malaysia is a beautiful place and, so far Jeanne, a second grade teacher herself has made the trip twice to see her family. It's a long journey and an expensive one.

Fortunately, Jeanne had some credit card miles to redeem. She booked her ticket online with United Airlines and off to Malaysia she went.

As seen from home video, Jeanne and her family had an amazing visit, everything was perfect.?

That is until the day of her departure.

"To my shock I showed up at the airport June 15 as it said on the e-ticket only to discover that the flight actually left June 14," she said.

Here's the problem after booking her flight, Jeanne received a schedule change message from United. She says that's what she printed and brought with her to Malaysia. Trouble is the only date listed on the return is June 15.

If you take a closer look, you'll see that indicates the date she was to arrive in Beijing, China for the second leg of her flight. The first leg leaving from Kuala Lumpor, Malaysia actually left on the 14th.

After being stranded at the airport in Malaysia with a cell phone that didn't work, Jeanne's only option was to use more of her miles to buy a new $882 ticket.

Two days later, when she finally made it back to the states, she began calling and writing to United Airlines to let them know what had happened.?

In response to Jeanne, a representative from United wrote in part, "We do our best to ensure our ticketing process is clear and I regret that you had difficulty. To reduce any inconvenience on future trips, we encourage you to double check the itinerary travel dates and names on your ticket confirmation as soon as you receive it."

Jeanne felt the information on that e-mail was misleading and that's why she called 3 On Your Side.

3 On Your Side reached out to United Airlines and although they do not feel that there was any wrongdoing on their part, they agreed to give Jeanne Colasanti a $150 voucher and refund half of that return ticket by putting miles back on her account.?

Only next time, Jeanne said she'll be sure to double check and double check her flight schedule.

Thank you again to United Airlines for working with 3 On Your Side. They replenished 32,500 miles to Colasanti's account and she says she will fly with United again in the future.?