Couple had to pay twice for rental car

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PHOENIX -- A Valley couple say they paid in full when they rented a car out of state. But now, they say they have to pay again.

No one likes to pay twice for anything. It doesn't matter how much it costs.


But a Valley couple say it happened to them. They paid for a car rental and then say they were forced to pay it again.

Delores and Charles Fedorka like to keep up with their kids and their grandkids. So, they flew to North Carolina this past summer to visit their family and when they got there, they rented a car from Dollar Rent A Car.

"We like to have our own car so we can do whatever we want to do," Delores said.

When they were getting the car, the Fedorkas say they used Visa gift cards to pay the $206 rental bill. The gift cards were presents from their son.

"We gave them to the fella, we paid for the car, we got a receipt saying the car is paid for," Delores said.

But two months later, the Fedorkas say they received a letter from a collection agency saying they still owed money for that rental. In fact, the collection agency was demanding $173.

The Fedorkas tried to explain they had already paid but got nowhere.

"We talked to the guy in the collection agency and actually he put the scare into us, he really did," Charles said.

As a result, the Fedorkas reluctantly paid the mysterious $173 for fear it would affect their credit.

"I paid it and now here I double paid for this rental," Delores said.

But paying twice didn't sit well with the Fedorkas so they called 3 On Your Side.

Dollar Rent A Car checked into the matter and discovered that the $206 bill was paid for in full with those Visa gift cards, but for whatever reason, Visa kicked back $173 as unpaid.

It's unknown why, but Dollar Rent A Car tells 3 On Your Side this is not a battle the Fedorkas should be fighting.

Dollar Rent A Car says it will refund the couple's second payment they paid and the rental company will try to settle the matter with Visa.

The Fedorkas are happy Dollar Rent A Car stepped up, but say the ordeal has been stressful.

"I'm not happy," Delores said. "I'm really, really upset."

There seems to have been some kind of problem with those gift cards, but Dollar Rent A Car really stepped up on this one.

Again, they say they'll refund the Fedorkas' that second payment and Dollar Rent A Car says they'll be the ones who will deal with Visa.