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Now that school has resumed, I am facing some early mornings with a face that looks tired and I don't like it! So, I decided to do some research to see what health and beauty tips can help me look more alert.

Wake up your face makeup and beauty tips - Now that school has resumed, I am facing some early mornings with a face that looks tired and I don't like it! So, I decided to do some research to see what health and beauty tips can help me look more alert.

I have also made some significant changes in the last couple of years that people have noticed. So, see if some of the following advice will wake your face because when you look alert, you feel more alert.

First Up: Life Changing Beauty Tips

Friends and family used to tell me that I looked tired. A huge part of that was attributed to being a mother and trying to balance a busy career. I decided to start improving my appearance from the inside out and that required me to take a look at my diet. As I made dietary changes, the comments turned to compliments about how rested I looked. Hooray, I was on to something! I recently discovered a great book that streamlines which foods to eat and cook for good looks. The Beauty Diet by Lisa Dryer, M.A., R.D. features what her picks are for the top ten beauty foods. Four of my favorite foods that have made a difference in my own appearance are covered in her guide. These foods are wild salmon, blueberries, walnuts and delicious dark chocolate.

Author Lisa Dryer says that salmon is a beauty food because the pink fleshed fish helps the skin's outer layer stay soft and smooth. The omega-3s in salmon reduce cell inflammation that can show up in a tired face with redness, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity. So eat your salmon!

Another beauty food that I force myself to eat is blueberries and with my sweet tooth, that even surprises me. I am more of a sugar sweet gal, not a tart toothed woman. However, finding creative ways to eat my blueberries is beneficial because their antioxidant, antiaging, and anti-inflammatory effects protect you from premature aging. And at 42, I have noticed that I have to work harder to look youthful and rested!

An easy beauty food for me to incorporate into my daily diet is walnuts, so I was thrilled that they are included in The Beauty Diet book. Not only do they make a great snack, but they also satisfy that crunch urge that many of us crave in between meals. And according to Dryer's book, walnuts are the only type of nut that contain a significant amount of beauty-enhancing omega-3 fatty acids, plus they provide vitamin E, a fat-soluble antioxidant that helps protect cells from free-radical damage and is associated with beautiful skin. I'll crunch to that!

And saving the best for last, thank goodness for dark chocolate! Dryer says that scientific articles published in the Journal of the American Medical Association state that dark chocolate boast as many polyphenols as red wine and have potent antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Chocolate contains many natural chemicals, including the beneficial flavonoids which plump skin and slow sagging. Plump skin makes for a more alert face!

When it comes to beauty beverages, this matters too. Giving up sodas and other sugar-filled beverages also made a difference in my skin and the way I sleep. My new rules include no caffeine after 2 p.m., no sodas, very limited sugary juices with only the occasional orange juice with pulp and fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice for me. I now wet my palette with unsweetened iced green tea, a moderate glass of red or white wine and lots of water. My very healthy mother also enjoys a glass of all natural grape juice which satisfies a sweet tooth with antioxidant beauty benefits as well. Again, I just can't believe just how much changing my diet changed my appearance and rid me of other sleep-interrupting problems like headaches and heartburn!

Sleep Right to Look Right This is one that I just can't change, but if you can, go for it. It is obvious that I am going to recommend that you sleep 7 to 8 hours a night, but let's talk about how you sleep. A WebMD report written by Matthew Hoffman, MD says that sleeping on either side of your face puts pressure on your skin that can result in sleep lines, So sleeping on your back is recommended for an additional beauty boost. Believe me, I have tried, but I can't help but resort to my comfort sleep zone, which is on my side with one leg pulled up. This has been a side effect of pregnancy that I just can't shake, but if you can learn to sleep on your back, go for it and your face will look younger than mine as we age!

Beauty tips to wake your face

One very noticeable beauty trick that opens up the eyes is good ol' brow waxing.

Just take a look at Britain sensation Susan Boyle before and after her brow makeover.

I prefer waxing because the in-between upkeep is easier, but if you like to pluck, I found some stylish tweezers at Walgreen's -- a fun and inexpensive way to give your eyes a natural lift.

A quick trick to lift the entire face is to sport a pony tail.

An article in the June 2008 In Style Magazine says that a high ponytail draws attention to the cheekbones while pulling skin up, which gives a tired face a natural lift. I have also noticed that I feel more alert when my hair is off of my face.

And check out this picture of Angelina Jolie who makes a pony perfectly stylish instead of childish. As a big pony tail person, I appreciate this! Add pretty earrings to finish the look.

Sometimes despite the right diet and restful sleep, we get so busy that our faces just can't fight looking tired. Thank goodness for the magic of makeup to look awake in our busy world.

I asked celebrity makeup artist Karen Hall what her top tips are when it comes to making a face look fresh. She calls it her Pink Up formula, but says to keep in mind not to overdo, but to go with soft and subtle colors that enhance your own skin shade. In several easy steps she recommends:

*Start with a good foundation that matches the skin. Karen recommends the Dermablend line.

Next use blush as a bronzer to warm up the skin and give your face a glow. Use a large blush brush and use it on the cheeks, brow bone, forehead, nose, chin and neck, really all over the face. Make sure you apply lightly in the highlight areas thinking of where the sun hits the face.

*When it comes to the eyes, shadow them more and line them less because dark rimmed eyes alone are very harsh. And Karen agrees with me when I say to make sure you do your brows. Brows frame your eyes the way your hair frames your face.

*Karen says that the lips are the next and very important step. Use a little base over the entire lip to see the true lip shape. Then put liner in a neutral color over the whole lip followed by the lipstick. Finish up with a nice lip gloss applied only in the center. If you use it too close to the edge of the lip, it will bleed. Karen uses the MAC lipstick and lip gloss line on her clients. As far as lip color goes, use a little bit of a brighter color to wake the face, but not too bright.

I would add to Karen's tips that every face is different, so I recommend a consultation with a makeup artist. I went to Karen several years ago when I began making all of my wake-my-face changes. Just look at my before and after pictures taken right after my makeup lesson with Karen! Learning from her made a huge difference. I highly recommend dropping a hint to your husband that a makeup lesson would make a great birthday gift! If you are interested visit Karen for a .

So, eat, sleep and be well. And for the days that you just can't wake up, make up the hours of sleep lost with the right makeup. Don't forget to give yourself a break, too. You and your tired face deserve a day off with no plans and no makeup. Sounds nice, doesn't it? Now if we could just find a day in our planner to really take off...oh well, that is another topic for another column!