Budget clock ticking for Gov. Jan Brewer

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PHOENIX -- Arizona's budget problems seem to be top priority for Gov. Jan Brewer.

Budget crisis

Gov. cancels trip to work on budget, state running out of money - Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer canceled a planned trip in order to work on the stat budget. At the same time, the state is quickly running out of money.

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She was supposed to be in Monterrey, Mexico for a conference of border governors, but canceled the trip so she could be here to work on the budget.

Brewer has until Saturday to make a decision on the budget bills approved the Legislature.

She and lawmakers are still trying to work through some changes to those bills.

As the work continues, state agencies are running low on cash. The Department of Public Safety will run out of money in just nine days.

Lawmaker are looking at some creative ways to raise money, including selling the state Capitol. A total of 32 state-owned building, including the Capitol, could be going up for bid and could bring in some $730 million.

More than 30 investors have indicated their interest in the idea.

According to Arizona's treasurer, Dean Martin, funding would flow if only the governor would approve the current budget proposal.

"If you go ahead and sign the 2010, you could then start all over again and you've got more room to maneuver for the 2011 budget. And you've got more time. You're not in such a rush," Martin said.

"If she vetoes this budget and she calls us together for serious bi-partisan negotiations, we can get it done, I think, in a couple of weeks," said house Minority leader David Lujan.

At this point, no other negotiation meetings have been scheduled.