Family not in mood to celebrate after banquet hall closes before party

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PHOENIX -- A Valley family put $1,100 down to rent a banquet hall but claim the place closed down before they even used it.

This was supposed to be a big event. After all, it's Quincea?era, which is a huge Mexican celebration for young women who are turning 15.

But for one family, it's anything but a celebration.

"I have been waiting all my life for it," Jessica Carrillo said.

Jessica says her Quincea?era is a big day.

"It's an amazing feeling because you know that day is coming up," said Jessica's sister, Janet.

Jessica and Janet say this 15th-birthday bash is a huge celebration and a milestone.

"She's a really good girl and deserves this Quincea?era," Janet said.

So the main part of planning this big bash was to rent a banquet hall. The Carrillos decided on a place called Arrowhead Banquet & Reception Center in Peoria. They signed the contract and forked over nearly $1,100.

"We thought that everything was going fine until we got that phone call," Jessica said.

"We couldn't believe it!" Janet added.

That phone call basically told Jessica and Janet that Arrowhead Banquet & Reception Center was shutting down.

"They had filed bankruptcy and our event was going to be canceled," Janet said.

And that wasn't all. Janet says they can't even get their $1,100 back. So they contacted 3 On Your Side.

3 On Your Side went to Arrowhead Banquet & Reception Center, but it was boarded up so we went to the home of Joe Vega, the man who runs the business, but no one would come to the door.

Vega wouldn't talk to us until we shut the camera off. So we did, but the microphone was still on.

"I had my business for 10 years, you think I want to lose my business for $1,100?" Vega said. "We used it for rent, we used it for bills."

Vega finally agreed to talk to 3 On Your Side on camera and told us he filed for bankruptcy.

"When they gave you the $1,100, did you know your business wasn't doing well?" 3 On Your Side asked Vega.

"We knew but we never imagined that we were going to have to do all these repairs and then all of a sudden close down," Vega said.

Finally, Vega had one last thing to say to the Carrillos.

"I'm sorry, it wasn't intended, it was never intended," he said.

This really seems to be a common theme these days in just about any business. With that in mind, try handing over as little money as you can to a company because they may not be in business tomorrow.