Mesa man gets probation for trying to feed kitten to snake

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UPDATED on 6/16: Mesa resident Jeremy Tuffly, 28, was sentenced to three years probation for trying to feed a kitten to a python snake.

ORIGINAL: MESA -- Maricopa County sheriff's deputies arrested a Mesa man who tried feeding a kitten to a python snake and then drop-kicked it to death.

Kitten with snake video (GRAPHIC)

Jeremy Tuffly, 28, was arrested Monday and booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail on one count of animal cruelty.

Deputies received a DVD from an unnamed source familiar with the incident that depicted Tuffly throwing the 6-week-old kitten at the python in an attempt to get the snake to attack it.

After that failed, the video then shows Tuffly drop-kicking the kitten across his front yard, killing it.

"This is a disgusting act of violence towards a defenseless animal and I have zero tolerance of this type of cruelty," said Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Tuffly has already been released on bond. Court records show he does have a criminal history, having pleaded guilty to a felony assault charge several years ago.

The that landed Tuffly behind bars this time was shot in 2004, but the statute of limitations in animal-cruelty cases is seven years.

Editor's note: While has posted raw video of the kitten with the python, we opted not to upload the clip in its entirety (as received from the sheriff's office) and do not show the end portion in which the suspect kicks the kitten.