Travel Safety in Mexico

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I'm working on a story right now about travel safety. We've covered so much drug violence, it's no wonder people are worried about traveling to Mexico. But the beach is not the border and there are plenty of places that are not risky.

I'm blogging BEFORE I write the story. And I'd like to hear from you about your concerns as you plan for Spring Break or a summer vacation. Favorite spots for many Americans include: Cancun, the Riviera Maya, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta, Baja. What destinations do you like to visit this time of year? Are you concerned about traveling to Mexico?
I remember one spring break about 3 years ago we went to Acapulco to do a story because Cancun was still rebuilding after Hurricane Wilma. Acapulco had been the scene of gun battles between rival drug traffickers and police. And there had been a decapitation.
But that did not stop students from flocking to the area. As jeeps filled with soldiers patrolled the the main avenue, students partied with abandon poolside and on the beach.
Mexican authorities want Americans to know drug traffickers are battling each other and the government, not targeting tourists.
Spring Break in Mexico is a tradition few students seem willing to give up. Now, all they have to do is convince their parents.