More Mexico travel safety

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The last blog struck quite a nerve with many of you fearful about the possible risks and others afraid it's all overblown by media. Let's keep the conversation going.

Again the border is not the beach -- or San Miguel de Allende as many Americans living there are quick to point out. One American recently emailed friends while traveling in Mexico, "Well....I did have a problem finding good brewed coffee outside of the state of Veracruz....maybe the drug dealers bought it all....."
Drug traffickers are not targeting tourists and American visiting popular beaches like Cancun, Cozumel or Play del Carmen are not in any particular danger beyond the normal risks listed in the State Department's annual Spring Break "Know Before You Go" campaign. The biggest dangers are associated with drinking too much. "Alcohol is involved in the vast majoryiy of arrests, accidents, violent crimes, rapes and deaths suffered by American students on spring Break"
Photographer Hugo Perez and I will be in Cancun soon to cover Spring Break at the peak when tens of thousands of college students trade their books for the beach. What do you want to know? I will also video blog and twitter from Cancun. And you can follow it all here.