Cancun Spring Break

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We're here. We made it after several flight delays. It was a full flight packed with Americans including college students and families with young children.

There was concern some Americans might avoid Mexico because of all the stories about drug violence. (Again that's on ther border and some other hotspots. Drug traffickers have NOT targeted tourists visiting well-established beaches.)
The college students on our flight were not about to let anything ruin their break. . One girl said she was going to enjoy a good book on the beach to which one of her fellow travelers, a young man, quipped, "if it's a good enough book, they'll make a movie. " No reading for him while visiting this resort. He's clearly here to escape all books.
He and plenty of other spring breakers plan to party with abandon. This is the peak since UT students are off this week. The bilingual "tourist newspaper" Cancun Today's headline this morning: "Spring Break offers Wild Time." Nobody here disputes that claim. At the car rental agency a young woman at the counter told me this time of year Cancun is the the world's largest "daycare center" -- with many of the hotel zone's workers becoming babysitters for the throngs of spring breakers.
I was suprised to see so many families with young children here too. They're eager to escape the recession with a bargain vacation right now. There are some great prices in Mexico right now becaues of the peso-dollar eschange rate.
And for many, many Americans -- this is their favorite spot and nothing can stop them from coming to Cancun. A spring breaker at the airport asked why she had to fill out an immigration form. "We're not immigrants,"she noted. Many Americans do feel at home in Cancun.
Others are here to do things they'd never do back home. We'll have more on the partying students on our newscasts including some safety concerns that crop up every year when you get this many students in one spot and this much alcohol flowing.