Cancun Spring Break Safety

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Spring Break, Saint Patrick"s Day and Cancun. It sounds like a dangerous mix for the thousands of college students who converge in this city every year. But I checked the "tourist" jail and hospital in the hotel zone and there are no U.S. citizens in either this morning.

You would not have expected that last night when we were out along the tourist strip near Daddy O's and Coco Bongo -- two well known nightspots for spring breakers and others who come to Cancun to cut loose.
Maybe these students are more cautious than the usual crop, probably not. Most had to convince their parents Mexico is a safe destination thanks to all the news about "drug wars" near the border Texas A&M student Amelinda Melanson told me. She was calling her mother from a kiosk sponsored by a U.S. cell phone company offering students free, unlimited calls home while they're in Cancun.
Plenty of students were taking advantage of the freebie. Most were calling their parents. Although one tipsy young woman was phoning her best friend.
Yes, drinking remains one of the main pastimes here. The party starts early and lingers late into the night. We found four high school students from Houston happily walking down the street near the bars and clubs. They gleefully showed off their wrist bands that prove they're 18 -- old enough to drink in Mexico.
John Nugent, Tyler Moody, Reed Clark, and David Ruben all attend Kingwood High. But were eager to join the ranks of the college students enjoying that Spring Break ritual: drinking until dawn in Mexico.
We last saw the four high school buddies yard long multi-colored plastic drink cups in hand walking down the stip lined with clubs and bars.