Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Mexico

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The Secretary of State continues her two day trip with a stop in Monterrey, Mexico's business capital. Secretary Clinton delivers a speech at TecMileno which which will webcast the event live at 2pm CDT.

You can also watch by going to by selecting channel 1. But you won't be able to see anything until the webcast begins. In the meantime -- check out what this most modern of cities is doing to educate a new generation of tech saavy, highly-skilled students and transform them into the future worker force for Mexico and this border region.
The TecMilenio is part of theTechnologico Monterrey system, known foldly by many as "Mexico's MIT." Some of the best and brightest not just of Mexico but worldwide gradutate from the Tec de Monterrey. The annual job fair draws the top corporations in the U.S. and beyond looking to recruit this highly skilled bilingual (sometimes multilingual) workforce. I did a story about how Tec de Monterrey alum associations throughout Texas (especially Houston) are some of Texas top entrepreneurs.
I've got to run and interview some of the students and get a spot before the crush of cameras from Mrs. Clinton's traveling press corp. arrive..