Nuevo Laredo man confesses he murdered Austin Priest

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The confession came first before Tamaulipas State Police and then in front of media in Nuevo Laredo. The man described as a "caretaker" during the investigation says he and Father Jesee Uresti were "an intimate couple."

Manuel Martin Torres Saldana described his relationship with the Austin priest this way: "The truth is we're an intimate couple. We had sexual relations since about a year and 4 months ago."
The revelation comes a day after Torres pinpointed the location of the priest's body in exchange for money. He asked the Raquel Rios, Father Uresti's sister, to wire $1000 pesos (about $74). And once she did he gave her the location.
The priest's body dressed in pajamas and wrapped in bedding was dumped near a highway in Nuevo Laredo.
Authorities detained Torres in Tapachula, Chiapas when he went to pick up the cash at the "Banco Azteca" location in the state bordering Guatemala.
Now, back in Nuevo Laredo, he's confessed to Tamauliaps State Police. And as is the custom in Mexico, authorities presented the suspect to media for photos and questions.
Torres Saldana alleges he killed the man affectionately known in Austin as "Father Jesse" after the priest grabbed a machete. The caretaker says he stabbed him first with a knife and finished him off with the machete. (Forensic investigators say the priest had wounds from two weapons, a knife and a machete.)
Torres says he was angry because the priest was kicking him out of the house and claims he feared Father Uresti and a "lover" from Austin a man named "Armando," who visted Nuevo Laredo from time to time, would do him harm. But the suspect said that man was not at the home at the time of the confrontation.
He blames the priest's sisters who wanted father Uresti to stop giving him money because he was a "drug addict." The suspect admitted to media he was drinking the night he stabbed the priest to death and smokes crack. But he said he was within "his 5 senses" when he killed the Catholic priest.
Torres Saldana said he was not going to be kicked out after doing all that work at the house, He said the men had a deal that was the home the priest was renovating belonged to "both of us." The suspect claims the property is in his name.
Now, the place that was supposed to be a retirement home for Austin priest is a crime scene. Tonight friends, family and parishoners gather in Austin to pay their last respects at rosary for the man they knew as "Father Jesse."