Funeral for Anti-kidnapping activist, relative

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Security is tight as friends and family prepare to bury an anti-kidnapping activist and his brother-in-law, dual U.S. and Mexican citizens. The murders have sparked outrage in Mexico nationwide.

Gunmen abducted Benjamin LeBaron during a home invasion and grabbed his brother in law Luis Stubbs when he tried to stop them. They dumped their bodies with a note calling it a revenge killing.

That note also named a 2nd target, another community leader and U.S. citizen. He will attend the burial I'm told. The men will be laid to rest in this region of northern Mexico founded by their ancestors, American Mormons.

We're enroute to the funeral now. We just passed a military checkpoint, one of several we will encounter along the way. We're traveling a road that has less traffic but the quiet desolate stretch dotted with scrubrush is off limits after dark.

Soldiers are scouring the mountains near the little farming community where the men were murdered. They're searching for the killers. This high profile crime has grabbed national attention in a Mexico where many are growing numb to bloodshed, battered by drug violence as the cartels fight each other and the Mexican government.

The result: tens of thousands of killings and an untold number of kidnappings. The border state Chihuahua is worst of all. Now, a community here that tried to mobilize a peaceful protest to demand protection is struggling with the loss of what it calls its "first martyrs."

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