Cornish Pasty Co.

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We admire the Brits for Jaguars and James Bond, but their skills in the culinary arts? Not bloody likely. Still, they do a fine job with the pasty (pronounced "pass-tee"), a savory, half moon-shaped pastry pocket reminiscent of Italy's calzone.

These rib-sticking, hand-held "sandwiches," traditionally baked with meat, potatoes and other root vegetables, were the mainstay of the miners of Cornwall. At Cornish Pasty Co., that tradition is loosely upheld, which is to say, the buttery, flakey pastry is fantastic, and the dark, dimly lit restaurant, which offers a variety of great beers, is the sort of place where a working man (or starving college student) feels at home.

Of course, owner Dean Thomas sees the pasty for what it is, a vehicle for a myriad of interesting global fillings, including shepherd's pie, bangers and mash, chicken tikka masala, chicken Greek and chicken pesto, as well as about ten vegetarian options.

For dessert, there’s apple and caramel pasty or the Banafee pie -- bananas, caramel and whipped cream on a graham cracker crust. You’re going to need to slave like a Cornish miner to work off this hearty meal.

Lunch and dinner are served daily. $

960 W. University Drive, Suite 103, Tempe