Fishin' Hole Restaurant

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When Todd and Tysa Michael moved here from Tyler, Texas, they saw that nobody in town made southern-fried catfish as well as they could.

So they opened a cavernous but cheerful place in East Mesa, setting out to do a few things very, very well.

Their clean-tasting farm-raised catfish (bought from persnickety Mennonites in Todd's home state of Arkansas), breaded in cornmeal (no flour or spices) and fried to crispy perfection, is without a doubt the best. And the hickory-smoked, barbecued spareribs (St. Louis cut) are first-rate too, thanks to Todd's dry rub and a low-and-slow cooking methodology.

Be sure to try the fried okra and the corn nuggets (hush puppy-like fritters filled with creamed corn). And if you're a real Southerner, you'll want to wash it all down with sweet tea.

Lunch daily; dinner Monday-Saturday. $

7000 E. Main St., Mesa