Skeptical Chymist

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The name of this rowdy Irish pub was taken from a chemistry treatise written in the 1600s by Irishman Robert Boyle, the father of modern chemistry.

So instead of the usual pub paraphernalia, the Chymist is filled with antique jars, scales and other vintage items related to apothecary (including a bed pan!). It's an inviting place and a noisy one, the sib to Chandler's Fibber McGee's, which is famous for making Irish food seem, well, better than Irish food.

If you're a spud lover, start with first-rate colcannon cakes, plump potato-cabbage cakes served with tomato compote and sour cream. Silky house-smoked salmon, served with salad and moist wheaten bread, is great too, as are typical Irish entrees such as shepherd's pie, Guinness beef stew and Harp-battered fish and chips.

Gourmet eaters (do they ever visit Irish pubs?) will be happy with contemporary Irish dishes such as filet mignon served with three peppercorn-Jameson sauce and Guinness-mustard encrusted pork tenderloin. For dessert, try the luscious Bailey's cream cheese crepes.

And should you need a little breakfast to soak up the suds from the night before, Skeptical Chymist serves a hearty platter of bacon, sausage, eggs, black and white pudding, baked beans, grilled tomato and toasted wheaten bread. Come hungry -- not just hung over.

Breakfast and lunch are served daily.

15688 N. Pima Road