Ranch House Grille

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With its back-to-basics menu and no-frills atmosphere, the Ranch House feels like the family-run cafes and diners of 40 years ago, which is exactly what it is.

Phil and Maryjane Kline have run a Ranch House Grille in Page, Ariz., for years and years. Now their son Leland has brought the concept to Phoenix, taking over a pretty space formerly associated with high-end restaurants (all of which failed in this location).

You've heard of fixing up a restaurant? Well, Leland has fixed it down, keeping the ambiance extremely casual with plastic tablecloths and pictures of Arizona. Already, the neighborhood has adopted the place, thanks to the crispy chicken-fried steak, juicy burgers and reasonable prices.

Whether you want a simple breakfast, a BLT or a daily special of fried chicken or meatloaf, the Ranch House probably has it -- without the corporate setting. Oh, and breakfast is served all day.

Breakfast and lunch are served daily.

5618 E. Thomas Road