Med Fresh Grill

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414 S. Mill Avenue, Tempe

Nobody expects Mill Avenue — the beer-swigging heart of ASU— to have a decent restaurant, but SURPRISE! It does! Granted, it's a no frills, fast-casual concept, but who cares as long as the place is clean (yep) the prices are reasonable (mmm-hmmm) and the food is good (boy howdy)? In fact, the labor-intensive Middle Eastern standbys served here are considerably better than good, thanks to the considerable skill of Mustafa San (formerly with Efes Turkish Cuisine), who runs Med Fresh with brothers Yusuf and Edip. All of the kebabs and meats are fork-tender and ultra-flavorful but don't miss the specialty of the house — spit-roasted doner. Meanwhile, the creamy hummus, smoky baba ghannouj, lemon-y grape leaves (far superior to most versions), crisp Greek salad and saffron-scented rice are simply outstanding. You'll probably stop just shy of licking your styrofoam plate clean, but do save a smidgen of room for baklava or crunchy kataifi, topped with crushed pistachios. Sometime soon, Med Fresh will have a liquor license. We can only hope the place won't be overrun with party-hearty college kids. Lunch and dinner daily. $