Hana Sushi

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Hana Japanese Eatery
5524 E. Seventh Avenue, Phoenix

If you feel like traditional sushi bars--where the emphasis was on the sushi, not the bar--have been invaded by obnoxious, sake bomber-drinking 20-somethings, take heart. There is a place for you, and it's called Hana. This Japanese restaurant is the real deal, from the Japanese greeting you'll get at the door to the Japanese words for every dish on the menu, to the Japanese-imported fish, cut in-house, to the gracious Japanese owners, who bow when they stop at your table. As you might imagine, the sushi is excellent, including the sushi rice, which is made the old-fashioned way. But there are many excellent dishes to try if you're willing to venture beyond sushi: bento boxes, noodle dishes, grilled fish. And although Hana is often lively, you'll never confuse it with one of those fake-fusion-y hangouts. Here is where you'll find tradition at its delicious best. Lunch, Tues-Fri; Dinner, Tues-Sat. $-$$$