SanTan Brewing Company

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8 South San Marcos Plaza, Chandler

"What's so special about a brew pub?", you might reasonably ask. Well, one visit to SanTan and you'll have your answer. Owner and brew master Anthony Canecchia, who learned a thing or two about brewing at Four Peaks (arguably the Valley's most popular micro-brewery) brings great vibe, great food and great beer together at this noisy, casual, neighborhood spot, located in the heart of Chandler's historic downtown. Canecchia offers a half dozen different styles of suds, including a light-bodied golden ale, an amber lager and an inky-black stout. And to improve the drinking experience, he has designed his own 18-ounce beer glass (hand blown by fellow craftsman Peter Sciacca), which not only keeps the head on the beer longer but also allows the beer to roll over the whole palate for maximum flavor appreciation. If you're a beer-nut, it's pretty cool. Meanwhile, Chef Brant Gasparak turns out tasty pub grub that manages to be a wee bit sophisticated while staying true to its down-and-dirty roots. You'll definitely want to try one of the burgers (stuffed with things like marinated artichokes, spinach and feta cheese), the excellent beer-battered fish and chips and the thick, juicy Reuben sandwich. The pizzas (their puffy, lightly browned crusts infused with beer) are darned good too, particularly the Arizona vs. Boston, a combo of grilled chicken, house-made tomato sauce, three cheeses, banana peppers, red onion and pine nuts. Best of all, there's a terrific indoor-outdoor bar for enjoying AZ's good weather.