Haru Sushi

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9845 S. Priest Drive, #106, Tempe

Whether you have kids or you're simply a kid at heart, you're probably going to like Haru Sushi, which specializes in kaitzenzushi: sushi delivered by conveyor belt. It's a concept that's been popular in Japan for 50 years, and now it's catching on here for the same reasons: it's cheap, it's quick and it's fun. Take a seat at the winding sushi counter and when you see something go by you like -- nigirizushi (pads of rice with fish on top), makizushi (sushi rolls), hand rolls, edamame, gyoza, juice drinks, fruit, whatever -- simply grab it and dig in. Variously priced dishes come on variously colored plates. At the end of the meal, your server will count up the plates (say, $1.25 for a white plate, $2.25 for a green one) and total your tab. Believe me, unless you're a bottomless pit, you probably won't spend more than $20, maybe a lot less. Meanwhile, the menu offers a few cooked items such as teriyaki and tempura. Everything is decent, not wonderful, but for these prices what would you expect? Besides, the decor is cheerful and everybody working here is pleasant. For a good cheap meal on the fly, it's hard to beat it. Lunch and dinner daily. $-$$