Peppersauce Cafe

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3937 E. Anne Street, Phoenix

Located south of Sky Harbor and north of the I-10, smack dab in the middle of an industrial wasteland, the Peppersauce is cute, cozy and a little feminine -- which seems odd when you learn that it's frequented almost exclusively by men. It all makes sense, though, when you realize that a trip to this friendly, out-of-the-way spot is probably a lot like a visit to Mom's house. The menu is centered around ingredients men like to eat. Hefty sandwiches that surely weigh almost a pound are crammed with meat, cheese and onions. Bacon shows up with regularity. Let's not think about calorie counts. That would ruin the happy effect of, say, the Peppersauce Pattymelt, a burger layered with bacon, grilled onions, tomatoes and Swiss cheese on thickly sliced Parmesan sourdough. Heck, at the Peppersauce, they even put pastrami on a burger, and you know what? It's delicious. I don't think the tater tots are homemade, but they're baked until they're browned and crunchy, so who cares? This may not be a destination restaurant, but if you happen to be looking for car parts and you're hungry, check it out. If you're a guy (and probably even if you're a girl), you'll leave completely satisfied. Breakfast and lunch, M-F. $