America's Taco Shop

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2041 N. 7th Street, Phoenix

In this instance, America refers to a person, not a country, a person who grew up in Mexico and makes a mean batch of carne asada. The meat is so good that America and her husband Terry Bortin decided to build a little taco shop around the concept. They found a cute little house on Seventh Street, painted the outside in bright colors and decorated the inside with whimsical pictures of Mexican beach life. Except for lemon-y shrimp ceviche and street corn (in season), almost everything on the menu -- the tacos, the torta, the burrito, the quesadilla and the vampiro (think tostada) -- is made with carne asada. What's interesting is that each dish really does taste a little different. I favor the burrito and the vampiro, oh, and the torta. You'll have to find your own favorites. Don't miss the soupy refried beans, made with peruanos beans, not pintos. They're outstanding. Save room for excellent flan too. America's also makes fine aguas frescas, including hochata, jamaica and tamarindo. And the whole experience is easy on the wallet. America, we love you. Lunch and dinner M-Sa. $