El Molino

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3554 N. Goldwater Boulevard, Scottsdale

El Molino doesn't look like a typical Mexican restaurant because it isn't. With its big windows, pastel-colored mural and long bar for single diners, it looks more like a cafe and operates, more than anything else, as a take-out. But why quibble over terminology? The important thing here is that this cute little place turns out great AZ-Mex food, including tacos, tamales, burritos, enchiladas and chile rellenos. I love the nachos, smothered in meat sauce with potatoes and topped with both guacamole and sour cream. The tortilla wrapper around the golden brown machaca chimi is so crisp and flaky it resembles pastry. Like the nachos, this one comes with big dollops of the fattening good stuff. The carne asada quesadilla is another winner. And if you're a menudo lover, you can usually find it here on the weekends. El Molino does drop-off catering, making many dishes in mini-sizes, perfect for parties. Lunch and dinner M-Sa. $