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9832 N. Seventh Street, Phoenix

Breakfast is back in fashion (for some of us, it never went out) and breakfast restaurants are popping up everywhere. This clever, clean-lined newcomer does so many things well, it's impossible not to like the place: TVs for catching news and sports scores, funny quotes on the walls, an orderliness and sense of efficiency that bodes well and (most importantly) darned good food. My favorite dish on the menu is the Santa Fe Benedict, served on jalapeño cornbread with blackened ham and poached eggs, the whole delicious thing awash in rich, chipotle hollandaise. Ridiculous! Crunchy hash browns, which come studded with bacon and little bits of melting cheddar, make a simple breakfast seem special. You'll find great pancakes and waffles here too, served with interesting toppings such as caramelized banana or fruit compote. In a hurry? Grab a brizza (that's a breakfast pizza) or maybe a house-baked cinnamon roll. Breakfast is served all day (until 2 p.m.), a limited lunch menu from 11 a.m. $