Blue 32 Sports Grill

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1524 E. Williams Field Road, Gilbert

Named for a quarterback's audible call, Blue 32 is all about sports. Boasting 28 high-def TVs, there's not a seat in this brick-walled, concrete floored place where you can't see the action. Given the focus, you might assume it's a haven for beer-drinking guys, but you'd be wrong. Because Blue 32 looks nice and offers a more extensive, sophisticated menu than your average sports bar, it wins over the womenfolk too. In fact, families show up in droves. I've liked just about everything I've had on the menu, which includes Caesar tacos (hand-held Caesar salad, the leaves functioning as taco shells), creamy, flavorful artichoke dip, a great BBQ sandwich heaped with tender pulled pork and a pretty terrific Philly Cheesesteak. You'll find plenty of interesting burgers here too -- like the Texas Hot, which comes piled with bacon and pickled jalapeños and jazzed up with mayo, mustard and Tabasco. Whew! There's a lot going on there, and it's all good. Lunch and dinner daily.