Weed Control

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Well, the weeds are getting out of control and if you don’t control them before they start forming seeds your destiny is seven years of more weeds. The process is fairly simple to control the weeds.

I try to stay as organic as possible. Stay away from synthetic herbicides as much as possible. Synthetic weed killers will kill your beneficial microbiotic activity that exists in your soil. These little guys do a great job controlling diseases and bugs and helping with the fertilizing needs of your grasses, plants and trees.

Going organic is fairly simple and straightforward. The first type is the mechanical type of system. I use a hula hoe; which is a ratchet type of device sold at Home Depot. It cuts the weeds off at ground level and eliminates them before it gets time to establish itself. For large areas, I use a flat nose shovel it works great and also cuts off the weed at the root.

For those who like to spray, use ¼ or ½ cup of liquid soap to one gallon of water. Soap, in large concentrations, will burn the foliage of the leaf surface and a couple of applications will usually eliminate the weeds. Straight white vinegar sprayed onto the leaf surface of the weed also works in much the same way.

Garden Ville Natural Weed Control is highly recommended also. It works anytime, day or night in any temperature. It works on weeds and undesired grass. It is non systemic and is safe to use around trees, shrubs and vines, seeds and transplants. This product, though organic is an acid based product. So care should be taken when applying this to the areas though out your garden.

Corn Gluten Meal used as a pre-emergent is one of the best methods for weed control. It contains 10% nitrogen by weight. This is spread over the dirt or your lawn, and mixed into your garden beds to stop the weeds before they ever get started. This product inhibits the root formation of seeds after they sprout causing the annual grass and leafy plants to never grow into a nuisance. It’s a great product!