Foliar Feeding & Summer Water Schedule

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Foliar feeding seems to be a mysterious process, which many folks do not take advantage of this wonderful technique of fertilization. Not only is foliar fertilization up to 300-400 times more efficient than soil fertilizations, but foliar applications will actually help ward off insects.

When foliar fertilizing, remember to apply the foliar sprays often with light applications on young leaves, and for a boost add sugar or molasses to the mixer to stimulate beneficial micro organisms. I will usually foliar spray on humid days mid morning or early evening when it’s dry.

A few of my favorite products to spray are as follows:
Epsom salts mixed at 1-2 tablespoons per gallon of water. It encourages green growth & flower production on ornamentals, especially roses.

Compost tea. Take a 5 gallon bucket and fill it with water. Then take a women’s stocking and fill this with compost. Soak the stocking for 2-3 days. Once the water turns to a dark color; it’s ready. Use this liquid and spay it on all the plants around your house.

It works great as a fungicide, fertilizer and also stimulates the beneficial microbes in the soil and on the leaf surfaces.

Liquid seaweed. One of the best sources of trace elements you can purchase. Along with trace elements, recent studies have concluded that it helps prevent white fly damage also.

For a well balanced fertilizer use my Extreme Juice. I use this at the Channel 3 garden and get amazing results.

Hydrogen peroxide encourages micro organisms on the leaf tissue of plants. Use 8-10 ounces of a 3 percent solution per gallon of water.

Vinegar. Lowers PH and contains carbon and trace elements. Use 1 tablespoon per gallon of water.

Here is the advised Summer Watering Schedule:
May through October
Desert Adapted = 7 - 21 Days / Penetrating 3 to 4 feet
High Water Use = 7 - 14 Days / Penetrating 3 to 4 feet
Desert Adapted = 7 - 21 Days / Penetrating 2 to 3 feet
High Water Use = 5 - 7 Days / Penetrating 2 to 3 feet
Groundcover & Vines:
Desert Adapted = 7 - 21 Days / Penetrating 1 foot
High Water Use = 2 - 5 Days / Penetrating 1 foot
Cacti & Succulents:
14 to 30 Days / Penetrating 1 foot
2 to 5 Days / Penetrating 1 foot
3 to 5 Days / Penetrating 6 to 8 inches