Deep Watering

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One of the biggest problems I see with home owners is the misuse of water and believe it or not 4 out of 10 times they have a tendency to over water the plants with shallow frequent applications.

When watering, thing of your soil like a sponge. If you put too much water on to fast the water will have a tendency to run off. If you leave your water on for to short a period, the moisture will not penetrate throughout the sponge. What you want to accomplish is to soak the soil similar to saling the sponge, so that the moisture penetrates below the root of the plant. By doing this you accompish a couple things:
1. You push Salts out of the root zone.
2. Encourage deeper rooting of you plant material
3. Utilize less water and develop healing plant material

When watering with drip, spray, or bubbler system the water must penetrate below the existing root system by at least 1' to 2'. for trees the moisture must penetrate 3' to 4'. For plant 2' to 3'. For lawn 6" to 1'.