House Plants

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Caring For Your House Plants.

To care for your house plants, make sure they do not sit in trays that are flooded with water. They do not like their feet wet. Occasionally, I spray the leaves on my plants with some hydrogen peroxide to help the beneficial microbes. Each time I water my plant, about once a month, I add 1 – 2 teaspoons of Vinegar and 1 -2 teaspoons of Fish Emulsion. I also place my plants in the shower to wash the foliage of any nasty bugs that might be living there and to wash out any salts that may have accumulated in the pot. One more hint, your air conditioner dries out the air and most house plants are tropical. Try grouping them close to together and place a bowl of water in the middle to increase a little humidity.
One way to keep up with your plant growing hobby during these hot days is to take it indoors. Most house plants are easy to grow and you might want to try some of the varieties for low and high light areas.
Some great plants for low light areas would be the bird nest fern, lemon lime dricantha, and the neantha betta palm. Plants for high light areas would be the peace lily, pink polka dot, and the rubber tree.