Cold Days Are Coming

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Cold days are coming.........

If you want to protect your tender ornamentals, usual tropical to sub tropical plant material; you need to start now! First, stop all fertilization and cut back on the watering according to the book Extreme Gardening, and do not prune. Second, make sure to purchase N-Sulate (Ace Hardward carries this product) and use it as a primary defense. It is a great product because you can leave it on the plants during the day, and then set aside blankets to be used on those real cold nights. Christmas lights, (the larger bulbs the better for warmth), liquid seaweed and having your water go on early in the morning, all help. The most important item is to monitor all weather forecasts and make sure to subtract 7-10 degrees from the forecast if you live in a lower area of the valley.

Product Suggestions to Use ~ Burlap, Newspaper around citrus tree trunks, Boxes, Blankets, Holiday lights, Water on timers, Straw, Shop light
You can also move potted plants to a south wall, decrease timed watering, water lawn when sun is coming up, reminder - coldest time is 4am to 6am

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