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Growing Citrus is as easy as

I explained how important it is to select the correct type of citrus tree to get what you want in the end result. That would be fresh, home grown oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit and cocktail trees. If you visit John at Greenfield Nursery in Mesa, you won't go wrong. He has grown citrus in the valley for over 40 years in 3 generations. You can visit his website and get all the information you need at Go by and try the different citrus to make your selections and you will be amazed by your visit with Greenfield Nursery.

One other Note - The Home Made Weed Control Recipe is as follows:
1 Gallon White Vinegar (Pickling if possible)
1 Oz Orange Oil (Zeps - Home Depot or Lowes)
1-2 Drops Joy Liquid Dishsoap
Mix slowly and use in a sprayer for weeds. Spray of weeds in the hottest time of the day.

Remember to Get Out in the Garden!

Dave Owens - The Garden Guy